From mindless delinquent to mindful hypnotist, Mark Anthony´s story takes us from the criminal world of Southeast London to a successful career as one of Australia’s most sought after hypnotists. A roller-coaster of family violence, children’s home, expelled and suspended from schools, child abuse, drugs, crime and loss of freedom; cancer, bankrupt, divorce and false accusations, and the power of a man’s mind driving his way out to a brighter life of love and success.

Mark´s incredible story goes beyond anything told before: a real emerging phoenix. Fatherless, poor, beaten, abused, arrested, belted, threatened, on the verge of death…Mark´s childhood and adolescence elapsed like the worst of nightmares.

The brother of a murderer, he lost four friends to heroin and was employed by an underworld figure. Treated like scum but trusting there was a way out, it was when the game seemed lost, behind bars, that Mark decided to change his life. It was an arduous path, rich in disappointments and great mistakes, albeit Mark´s life tells us that nothing is fatal and never everything is lost. An inspirational story showing us that, no matter where we are at, there is always a way up if we put our mind to it.



"Compelling to say the least!... truly inspiring!"

Michael Westlake, Head of sport, The Courier-Mail and The Sunday Mail


In pretty much every chapter of this book you will find issues and adversities that I have gone through. Some of you will relate to them, and some of you won’t. I hope this book will inspire, motivate and encourage you to believe in yourself. Believe that there is always a way out, no matter what you are going through, or what you have gone through in life.


I originally wrote this book to serve as a potential helpline for those going through adversities of any kind. However, since writing the book I’ve discovered that many people who have read it, are thinking it’s a fiction book as the story seems too far fetched! The positives I see in that, are that the story shows, no matter what adversities you go through, there is ‘always’ a way onwards and upwards! “If you’re going through hell, just keep going” – Sir Winston Churchill to his troops during World War 2

“A powerful and Inspirational story that keeps you hooked on reading"

D J Waters OAM, International Contemporary Artist




My life has changed dramatically, it wasn’t an easy road, but when I realised I was heading down the wrong road, ‘I’ had to make the choice to change the direction in which I was heading, and no matter what adversities I went through I kept moving forward.

Believe me when I tell you, I wanted to quit many times, it has never been easy, and i’ve never been handed anything on a silver platter, but just like the quote from Sir Winston Churchill says “if you’re going through hell, just keep going, don’t stop in hell”, and I did, I just kept going!

I now live on the Gold Coast in Australia, I have 4 beautiful children, I live in a beautiful home, I drive a nice car, and have lived in this beautiful country for 22 years, a far cry from the council estates in London (housing commissions) where I grew up!

Book Mark to speak at your next event. Mark has been down the wrong path most of his younger life, and through more adversities than many people could ever imagine, and yet, turned his life around to become one of the world’s most sought after Hypnotists. Mark knows how to overcome adversities using strategies and tools learnt over many years. Mark finds the positives in almost any adversities, and shares his strategies and tools with his audience. Mark believes that anybody can change direction in life, IF and ONLY IF they want to. Mark isn’t one for excuses, and has a No BS and No FLUFF approach to those that use reasons and excuses not to move forward in any part of their lives.

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